Dr. Rohit Arora, D.M.D.
Pioneer Dental Centre

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Pioneer Dental Centre is regarded as one of the best dentists in Toronto area for their dental services.

If you are steering out to get to the best dentist Toronto then be informed that Pioneer Dental Centre name is associated with one of the most dedicated, friendly and high-quality dental care team who is totally focused on the providing best patient care with very competitive prices.

Our dental Centre offers myriad dental services in Toronto to ensure that your each visit to our dental clinic is comfortable and pleasurable.

Our experienced & highly skilled dentists provide various kinds of dental treatments like:

Apart from providing all the routine based dentistry services to our patients we also cater to imparting dental care knowledge to everyone enabling them to maintain their good dental health. Maintaining good and hygienic oral health is one aspect that we advocate all our patients without fail. As we thoroughly believe that accomplishing good dental health is not just one sided thing, it is a collective teamwork of both the dentist and the patient. Only then a healthy dental regime can be maintained. Not only that we help you even before some dental problem develops by guiding you with right oral care tips. Hence your smile will always stay brilliantly shining.

Also, we use latest dentistry tools and instruments which are disinfected by all means enabling the clinic to be most modern one and achieving a high success rate.

Safeguarding your pearly whites comes with a cost, but what more can we ask for if the cost is nominal and the outcome is absolutely brilliant? We not only tweeze out the root cause of the dental issue but we help you making you aware of how to protect your precious gleaming teeth from any possible problems.

We aim for patient satisfaction and patient comfort.

Connect with us via phone at 416-488-1776 or via email at pioneerdentalcentre@gmail.com to get to the root of your dental problems. Contact our expert dentists by scheduling your appointments & enabling us to manage your time in most organised manner.