Dr. Rohit Arora, D.M.D.
Pioneer Dental Centre

Best Dentist in Scarborough

You Said You Need The Best Dentist in Scarborough?

Pioneer Dental Care provide you with the best Dentists in Scarborough providing best dental services. As you deserve the best.
We emphasise on providing high-quality care and comprehensive dental services in the most conducive and calm environment. We have a super speciality dental clinic with highly competent staff that works delicately and also they are committed to making your dental procedure trouble-free and painless in a relaxed atmosphere. We have top of the line ultra modern infrastructure and advanced dental equipment which is properly sterilised for conducting all sorts of dental procedures.

We offer a wide range of dental services which covers almost all lines of dental treatment which falls under dentistry.

The Dental Services That Comes Under Our Umbrella Are:

Why choose us?

  • We provide free zoom whitening for new patients and complete diagnostic oral exam. All that and more comes at a frugal price.
  • Our patients are our top most priority and their comfort and treatment success is our responsibility.
  • We help you getting rid of all your dental problems and nipping the sprouting dental issues in the bud and hence giving you long lasting dental health and sparkling smiles forever.
  • We want to create a healthy dental lifestyle for all our patients so that they could spread that healthy dental lifestyle further.
  • We give dental care tips to all our patients, so that they can maintain the proper hygiene of their oral cavity and cut down on the dental risks.

Where to contact us?

Our dental services are offered at our on-site location situated in Scarborough and we are available via phone 416-488-1776 or email: pioneerdentalcentre@gmail.com