Dr. Rohit Arora, D.M.D.
Pioneer Dental Centre

Emergency Dental Services Yonge and Eglinton

Understanding the Dental Emergency is an unavoidable situation which props up abruptly out of the blue and it certainly needs urgent attention.

Signs indicating that it is a dental emergency:

  • If one has cracked, chipped or broken tooth/teeth
  • Severe pain in the teeth (A toothache)
  • Swelling in the gums
  • If your crown falls off
  • Infection in the gums/teeth
  • If your filling comes off
  • Soft-tissue Injury
  • Injured tooth
  • A failed implant
  • Swollen face
  • If a part of your braces or a plated wire gets broken

What to do when you have a dental emergency?

  • First-hand help to fix your dental emergency situation is call your nearest dentist.
  • Apply pressure if the gum is bleeding
  • Rinse and wash your mouth with salty water.

Pioneer Dental Centre brings forth one of the best emergency dental services in Toronto area and also to the areas in its vicinity.

They have designated a dedicated and compassionate team to handle the dental emergency conditions which take care of the patient with utmost care. As we understand that the dental emergency can occur anywhere and anytime. No one is prepared for it. Our experienced dentist’s team takes full care to soothe down your anxiety, identify the root cause of your dental problem and fix it and help you recover fast out of your emergency situation.

We strive to accommodate anyone that has a dental emergency or discomfort during our office timings as we know you do not have to be registered prior to your emergency as it is something beyond anyone’s control.

We try to attend the dental emergency the very same day you contact us. We take dental emergency as a high priority, that is why we do not ignore your emergency phone calls because we do not want to increase your dental risks. We provide comprehensive emergency service.

When you have a dental emergency call Pioneer Dental Centre at 416-488-1776